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Thursday, August 15, 2002

Thanks to Brian Lipsid, EBIC/Movement Tech has been wonderful for us. You listened and interpreted complex information into grassroots language for us in a prompt and professional manner. We didnít have a dime but you produced a practical report that looked like a million. Locally we used information from the report over and over and over in the community. Thanks to your wonderful data Southern Echo was able to produce giant GIS maps for our presentations. We took the report and the maps to Dallas for the ExxonMobil Annual Meeting where we were able to show and tell our story in a powerful and professional way.

The program officers for the Environmental Support Center saw our presentation at the Democracy South meeting in Atlanta. Previously we had been turned down for a grant but after the presentation he said we would be considered. We now have a new laptop computer, copy machine, fax, video camera and projector. Your help made all the difference in the world.

We cannot begin to thank you. Your research is still helping us as we prepare to file a Title VI discrimination claim with the Environmental Protection Agency. Thank you again for your invaluable service to us. May God Bless and keep you all. You all came through in just 2 weeks when we still have not gotten help from three Louisiana Universities we asked, pleaded with to help us with information.

When Connie Tucker of SOC gave us your name and phone number it was a historic day for Louisiana Democracy Project and truly a divine intervention for our program "Pray for Our Air".


Stephanie Anthony, president