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After Hours ..... On the Side ... A review of the Arts in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by the mother - daughter team of Stephanie & Claudia Anthony.

Critiqued by Stephanie Anthony & Claudia Anthony mother and daughter reviewers of the arts based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Stephanie is a former playwright and 1988 Mass Communication graduate of Southern University. Claudia Anthony is a former McKinley Senior High thespian and currently a Theater Major at Southern University.
What's Love got to do with It?
The Baton Rouge Centroplex Performing Arts Theater was the site of a exhilarating musical thespian performance production, Friday, August 27, 1999.
"What's Love Got To Do With It?", is an outstanding Christian theater production written and produced by Detroit's Ministerial team of Derrick and Celeste Brinkley. The show includes unforgettable music, and an inspiring script.
What's love got to do with it?" is the story of the Willie Johnson and his three lively teenage daughters. Willie is an old fashioned, God fearing kind of guy faced with modern problems invading his home after the death of his wife.
His daughters Tempest, Rolanda, and Jenny have distinct personalities that keeps the audience rooting. Two ton, queen size, Aunt Oprah gives comic relief while attempting to help with the family problems and sing & dance.
Young married tenants upstairs Rickie (Tamara Bell) and Jerry ( Stan Jones) face her working to keep food on the table while Jerry her husband can't seem to find a job or anything useful to do with his time.
Before long his eyes turn to the Urban charms of Jenny, Willie's hot to trot daughter. Rolanda, played by Laih Jones, is the confused middle girl who misses her mother and first brings the house down with a stirring song of a daughters' loneliness; seeking advise from a maternal voice silenced by death.
Jenny (Marguerita Bass) plays a very believable, fun loving, temptress and wise cracking daughter whose shallow behavior becomes the focus of deep spiritual enlightening.
Grammy quality music performances of David Peaston and Debbie Winas alone make the show tickets worth the price. Slick, mack daddy type boyfriend, Montel is played by Stephen Vaughn. His voice and stage presents during the song "Show Me How to be a Man", had the audience cheering for more. Double crossing husband Jerry played by Stan Jones was convincingly seductive, humorous and despicable.
The shows' state of the art rotating set, original music and character development make for a visually exhilarating and a treat for the ears.
8 fingers up for the Production.

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