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La. Democracy Project is located at 4070 Fairwoods Drive Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70805

Our mission is to activate, empower and facilitate full citizen participation in the democratic process which will improve the community for its long term best interest. We want government to make sense and democracy to reign supream.

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Window of the Voting Rights Mus./ Selma, Alabama during 1999 Jubliee and Bridge Crossing
The right to vote is priceless
Our Issues Include …...
Electoral Accountability
Voting Rights
Campaign Finance
Ballot Access
Open Public Meetings
Environmental Justice

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We Have...

• Participated in 1999 at Howard University in Washington, D.C. entitled “Campaign Finance Reform as a Civil Rights Issue” hosted by the National Voting Rights Institute. • Conducted elections for youth representative of Mississippi River Basin Alliance at annual conventions in 1999 and in 2000 • Organized two LDP coalition-building events with Louisiana statewide organizations featuring William McNary, Executive Director of US Action and Stan Goff, Regional Organizing Director of Democracy South. • Organized one-day LDP event entitled “Call of the Drum” at Southern University, which attracted over 150 participants to discuss the influence that money and politics plays in environmental justice and the quest for community empowerment. • Raised funds to allow six youth participate in the 34th Celebration of Voting Rights History in Selma, Alabama. • Organized a meeting between LDP and Louisiana Communities United to strategize making legislators accountable for a massive ad valorem/tax exemption given to business at the expense of the state’s public schools. • Served as panelist for Shadow Convention 2000 in Philadelphia on the effects of campaign funding and t he environment in Louisiana.

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