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Tid Bits from Baton Rouge, the capitol city.

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October 2001 is a time when the Louisiana Legislature is making decisions on redistricting. The debate rages and it seems that the black community will lose a majority state district before all is said and done.

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Since the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York and in Washington our state capitol has been on high alert. Students from other countries have found themselves the focus of unwanted attention from the capitol police.

Our board member Claudia Anthony had moved to New York City on September 10th. She has returned to Baton Rouge and we are happy to have her safe and sound. Her story is an interesting one. We hope to feature the details in the near future and we hope to have her here in the river city for some time.

The city is preparing for a judges election. This new seat is called Division O and the race is a heated one.

The Baton Rouge Daily Newspaper