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LaDemocracy E-Zine (Online Magazine)
Grant Writing as an Organizing Tool

"Begging for money is not much fun but gathering and planning to raise money is one of the things I most love."  Stephanie Anthony, Louisiana Democracy Project - CEO


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The mission of Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. is to educate, advance, encourage and increase citizen participation in the democratic process through active involvement in the community. We facilitate activities which will protect the long term interest of the community

We are black women, people of color, and poor, injured, head of households, disabled, senior citizens, and students. We transform fear and adversity into action. We stand as a beacon of light and courage for the discouraged.

With all the issues we face it is sometimes very difficult to stop, write, and seek the funds we need to be successful and survive.  We have developed a way to use grant writing as an organizing tool and we would love to share what we have learned with your organization.

Gathering is an important part of learning