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King and Smart Focus of January 18th Kid Event


A Saturday outdoor activity will delight kids and highlight Martin Luther King and Annie Smart.

Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. will hold a Saturday, King holiday celebration at the home of president, Stephanie Anthony.

The purpose of our January 18 , 2003 activity is to celebrate leadership.  Spotlight the life and achievements of Martin Luther King, Jr. and to highlight local civil rights leader Annie Smart, said the organizer. 


This North Baton Rouge neighborhood activity will serve as a pattern using fun learning activities, crafts and games to increase knowledge of the civil rights movement and its leadership. 

Annie Smarts granddaughter Hazel Bradley has been most helpful in providing information to develop kid friendly information on the trail blazing woman who was known as the, mother of welfare rights.

Annie Smart had 32 grandchildren by the time of her death in 1993 but she never let family burdens, money or her color stop her from standing for the justice and dignity of poor women in Louisiana  and through out the nation.

The activity will be held at 4070 Fairwoods Drive and will begin at 11:00 am and end at 4:00 pm..

Five, including firefighter,injured at ExxonMobil fire
                                    Associated Press
1/14/02 1:04 AM
 BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- Four refinery workers and a
                                    are recovering after a fire broke out at
ExxonMobil's Scenic Highway refinery.
                                    most seriously injured man was in critical but stable
condition, Baton Rouge General Medical Center-Mid-city
                                    Jace Dobrowolski said. Three others were
in good condition and one was to be treated and released,
The firefighter was struck by a pressurized fire hose, state
                                    spokesman William Davis said.
None of the injured were identified.
                                    fire started Sunday afternoon as workers were
isolating a part of the refinery's equipment by
                                    installing a
blind, a piece of steel that cuts the flow to sections of pipe,
ExxonMobil spokesman Walt Eldredge said.
                                    "light hydrocarbon, probably butylene," ignited in
the pipes and valves and workers were burned
                                    in the
resulting fire, Eldredge said. ExxonMobil had not analyzed
                                    substance that caught fire by late Sunday, Eldredge
Butylene as an "extremely flammable" chemical whose
vapors can ignite when exposed to
                                    flame across long
distances, according to the U.S. Fire Administration
Hazardous Materials Guide.
                                    Medical Services spokesman Mike Chustz said
the burn victims' injuries were to their hands and
                                    necks. He
said the burns "don't appear to be life-threatening," though
he held open the possibility of inhalation burns, which can
cause delayed effects.
ExxonMobil will appoint a team of investigators to
interview employees involved in the incident, review safety
records and determine conclusions
                                    for refinery
management, Eldredge said.

4th Grade Students in reading and math

A call for teachers.

LEAP test goes to court

Our young people are the future.

We leave them with many challeges.

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Behold, Baton Rouge