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2005June ExxonMobil Leak

Awaiting report from Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

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ExxonMobil Leak


by Stephanie Anthony



Residents near the ExxonMobil  Refinery on Scenic Highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana had to shelter in place for more than three hours Monday because of a chemical leak.    Tank number 766 leaked naphtha a  gasoline additive laced with benzene.


Warning alarms were the first sign of trouble for most people in the neighborhoods surrounding the plant.  Later, area televisions briefly interrupted the pending Michael Jackson  verdict to warn citizens to stay indoors, turn off air conditioning and stay off the phone because of the leak in process. 


As citizens sheltered in place,  foam was sprayed on top of the leaking tank to stop vapors from escaping.  According to ExxonMobil spokeswoman Stephanie Cargile liquids which leaked from the tank were routed into the facilities sewer system.


Details of what caused the leak are still unavailable however Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality estimated that approximately 42,000 gallons of materials may have leaked from the tank.

July 2005 ExxonMobil Spill


Louisiana Democracy Project called for a halt to any additional air permits until the 5 parish area was in compliance with the Clean Air Act.