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Why Does Louisiana Democracy Project Care About Environmental Justice


Louisiana is a state rich with natural resources.  These resources are turned into products which multi-national corporations sell all over the world.

Segments of the Louisiana population receive a disproportionately high number of toxins and industrial pollutants while receiving very little benefit.  These Louisiana citizens have special health and quality of life concerns brought on by living so close to these facilities.  They are usually poor and unlike their multi-billion dollar neighbors they  trouble having their voices heard at the decision making tables that deeply effect their lives.

        While their health, land, air and water are being polluted, big dollars are drowning out their voices for fairness and humanity.  The high cost of campaigning makes it virtually impossible for them to elect enough members of the legislature and congress to change their condition.  All of the stockholders of these large corporations live well away from their facilities however most contribute substantially to the candidates of their choice in the  Louisiana states legislature and in the United States Congress.

        The plight of environmental justice victims is one of access to the democratic system.


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