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About Stephanie Anthony

I am a product of the East Baton Rouge School System having attended Capitol Elementary School, and Capitol Senior High School. I am the mother of four children who a have attended Polk Elementary, Buchanan Elementary, McKinley Middle, Prescott Middle,  McKinley High School, and Istrouma High Schools.  All four of my children have graduated from high school, one has graduated from Technical College, one from Southern University, and one is currently enrolled at the University of New Orleans.  

Over the years I have served on the PTA at the school level  as secretary, vice president and president.  I have served on the district level  PTA as vice president.

I have served as a mentor with the Youth Challenge Program and with , Young Important People, Youth In Power and Youth In Politics community organizations.  I currently serve as founding coordinator of a monthly Kids Community Outreach Program held at Little Rising Sun Baptist Church.  Annually I organize Kwanza Activity for Kids, a Happy Birthday Dr. King, Thank You Annie Smart Program and  Bring Your Mother to Church /Blessing of the Children at Miracles by Faith Full Gospel Ministries.  I have served as a presenter and facilitator with Kids Connection and YESS Enterprises  at Bethel Istrouma Area African Methodist Episcopal Church.  I was the founding president of the Duane Street Tenant Association which had an unfunded  youth enrichment program and Summer Track Team.  We were proud to have produced  two children eligible for the Junior Olympics and later  two participants earned their way through college on track scholarships one finished at Southern University, the younger is currently at the University of Florida.

I have been a grassroots, community organizer since 1983. I ran for Metro-Council District 10 in 1992 with the slogan, We Can Do Better.    I became founding president of Louisiana Democracy Project in 1998.  

In the past I have been a teachers aide and from 1988 to 2003 I have on occasion served as a day to day substitute teacher.  Over the years I have served at the Leo S. Butler Center as a Child Care Food Worker and as a Legislative Assistant.  

 I received my formal training as an organizer from Gulf Coast Tenants Association beginning in 1992 our work focused on tenant rights and environmental justice.  I maintained a one person office in Baton Rouge and recruited volunteers of all ages to get things done.    

Later I worked for Louisiana Injured Workers Union and  organized chapters in  Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Sulphur, Louisiana.   Later I served as an organizer for  Louisiana Coalition for Tax Justice and finally I founded Louisiana Democracy Project.

.   I have been involved in the formation of several regional and national organizations over the years.  I am a 1988 graduate of Southern University with computer,  photographic  and writing experience.  




Stephanie  Anthony

4070 Fairwoods Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70805

(225) 357-7425




Stephanie Anthony


To obtain employment with a growing organization  that would allow and reward utilization of my current skills/abilities.


1998- 2003            Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc.                    Baton Rouge, LA

 Executive Director

         Organized/implemented programs for non-profit /non-partisan voting rights

         Developed literature/materials for citizens participating in the democratic process

         Constructed/designed/produced internal and external publications

        utilizing Microsoft Word/Publisher

         Presented speeches to community/regional organizations

         Organized citizen  meetings

         Conducted workshops and PowerPoint Presentations

         Provided mentoring for youth groups

         Facilitated leadership development training   

         Educated general public on civil right issues


1996  - 1998              Louisiana Coalition for Tax Justice, Inc.          Baton Rouge, LA  

5177 Greenwell Springs Road-923-3102

Organizer for Executive Director

         Developed/implemented membership plans

         Facilitated meetings

         Recruited board members

         Developed/implemented workshop outline/contents

         Testified in court and in public hearings

         Served as liaison for organization


1994  - 1996             Louisiana Injured Workers, Inc.                        New Orleans, LA


Organizer/Baton Rouge Area

         Organized/established branch offices in the Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Sulphur areas

         Created newsletter

         Completed/compiled bulk mailing listings

         Facilitated membership training sessions

         Served as public relations specialist for television/radio

         Expanded sales to include mass market accounts.




1992 - 1994              Gulf Cost Tenants Organization, Inc.               New Orleans, LA

Regional Organizer/ Baton Rouge Area

         Served as facilitator for tenants meetings

         Counseled tenants on their rights/responsibilities

         Provided technical support/educational tools for housing authority resident councils

         Liaison for Louisiana Tenant Law (i.e. open meeting laws, and public information laws)


1992 - 1990                Ashton-Anthony & Associates                                 Baton Rouge, LA


Self Employed

         Completed freelance photo journalism projects/assignments

         Handled commercial contracts for radio productions/promotions

         Established/developed sale accounts for local businesses


1990 - 1988              Louisiana House of Representatives                     Baton Rouge, LA


Executive Assistant

         Addressed/answered constituents concerns

         Developed/implemented small no interest loan programs for residents of District 67


1984 - 1988               Ashton-Anthony & Associates                               Baton Rouge, LA


Self Employed

         Developed programs

         Created advertisements/promotions

         Produced weekly radio program for local music artist

         Handled weekly journalism assignments for black newspapers

  ( i.e. current events/feature stories)


1985 - 1986           South Baton Rouge Community Development          Baton Rouge, LA

                               Child Care Food Program


Field Clerk Program/ Media Representative

         Handled recruitment for federal nutritional program

         Conducted training sessions for childcare providers

         Monitored meal distributions

         Completed fire/ safety inspections

         Inspected homes to ensure proper living standards/regulations were enforced



                                                                                                       Stephanie Anthony

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phanie Anthon

1985 - 1984         Winnfield Broadcasting/WXOK Radio Station           Baton Rouge, LA


Sale Representative

         Conducted sales calls to small black businesses

         Developed marketing/advertising strategies for customers

         Created advertising scripts for radio station


1981- 1982          WTKL Radio Station                                                      Baton Rouge, LA


Sales/Community Affairs Representative

         Developed  new accounts

         Conducted outside sales calls

         Attended community affairs/events


1974 1984      Homemaker                                                                        Baton Rouge, LA

         Member of puppet troop

         Active involvement in church activities

         Participated in Early Childhood Development Program


Community Involvement/Affiliations

         Secretary/ Polk Elementary PTA

         President/Polk Elementary PTA

         Vice-President/McKinley High School PTA

         Vice President/Baton Rouge District PTA

         Council Representative/Capital Area Legal Services

         Representative/Democracy South

         Board Member/Fanny Lou Hammer Project



1988          Southern University/Mass Communications                Baton Rouge, LA

                   Mass Communications/Bachelor of Arts                


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