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Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc.
About Us

"We want government to make sence and democracy to reign supream."

Our Philosophy

Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. works under a philosophy, which acknowledges the inherent benefits of a heightened participation by the public in the democratic process.

Activities undertaken during the fall of 1998 marked the first effort at fulfilling this belief. The hosting of a community meeting entitled Call of the Drum at Southern University brought over 150 participants together to hear distinguished speakers such as former Untied States Congressman Cleo Fields, Deacue Fields, Assistant Commissioner of Minority Affairs in the State Department of Elections and Registration and Dr. Margaret Pereboom, a local Psychologist and Community Activist. Additionally, in collaboration with other community-based organizations, the Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc., sponsored several successful conferences in the local community on topics specifically related to Environmental Justice and Community Empowerment.

The Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc., has historically sponsored student interns from Southern and Louisiana State Universities. In the spring of 1999, four college students attended a conference at Howard University in Washington, D.C. called Campaign Finance Reform as a Civil Rights Issue.

Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc., to promotes citizens call to action when the ideals of democracy are threatened.

As a means of stalling the growth of voter apathy, The Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. has been vigilent in conduction educational meetings, to confront problems and put in place preventative measures necessary to effect change.

Our Board

Board Members Bio

1. Rev. Sharon Adams- African American pastor of a chapel located on the campus of Louisiana State University. Rev. Adams organizes the annual citywide Kwanza program held in Baton Rouge. In 2000 she headed up the Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. Earned Income Credit program. Along with Public Accountability she headed two Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. forums at the Delmont Community Center in Baton Rouge and the Zachary public Library in Zachary. She has served on the Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. High Stakes Testing initiative which included parent trainings at Martin Luther King Center in Baton Rouge and Northeast High School in Chaneyville.

2. Claudia Anthony- African American- student- President of Omega Tau Pi service organization on the campus of Southern University. She is the founding president of Youth In Power a community organization focusing on environmental justice. Claudia served as the first Louisiana Democracy Project office manager. Participated in Campaign Finance Reform as a Civil Rights Issue held at Howard University Law School, the 1999 Selma Bridge Crossing . December 1999 she helped in organizing La. Democracy Project, Inc. youth participation in the National Emergency Gathering of Black Advocates for Environmental and Economic Justice.

3. Stephanie Anthony- African American- President- see attachment

4. Tony Brown- African American union organizer- graduate of Howard University School of Law. Tony takes the place of Dan Nicholi of Labor Neighbor. Tony served as a presenter for the Democracy South 2000 SORTI. He is set to lend his experience in setting up a canvas as a pilot program. He has served as a presenter in the January 15, 2000 La. Democracy Project grant writing workshop on alternative forms of funding. Served as a presenter for LDP Grant Writing Workshop 2000. (pending to come on board)

5. Shelia Collins African American- student- After being physically active and participating in the 1999 Selma Bridge Crossing youth trip, Shelia has graduated from Southern University moved to Franklin, Louisiana and participates electronically.

6. W.R. Gobert- Caucasian American-disabled- An advocate of injured and displaced employees. Mr. Gobert wages a battle over the constitutionality of the Louisiana Workers Compensation Law and asserts that these job damaged people have been made a suspect classification of people. He has participated in LDP Call of the Drum, Follow the Money, Networking Meetings-Toot Your Horn.

7. Paula Henderson- Caucasian American *- environmentalist Paula is a professional activist and heads up both the National Environmental Trust and Common Cause.

8. Ora Hutchinson- African American- Sect./Tres. Housing advocate and Census Accuracy Advocate, Ora has worked diligently on Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. projects including Call of the Drum and Follow the Money. Ora heads the Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. parent initiative, she has helped to organize on the middle school level and has become a parent spokesperson before the local school board.

9. Dr. Jim Mitchell- Caucasian American-Vice President- Transportation advocate and professor of environmental science at Louisiana State University. He has participated in LDP Call of the Drum, Follow the Money, Networking Meetings-Toot Your Horn, the LDP Strategic Planning Retreat, the 1999, the Democracy South Transportation meeting in Atlanta, LDP Training and Strategic Planning in New Orleans, LDP Grant Writing 2000 and Grant Writing Step by Step 2000.

10. Patrice Niquille- African American School Board member instrumental in Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. parent trainings on High Stakes Testing. She participated in the 1999 LDP Training and Strategic Planning in New Orleans LDP Grant Writing 2000.

11. Rev. M. Cobb Thomas- African American- AME pastor . She has participated in the founding convention of USAction in Chicago. Participated in the Institute for Conservation Leadership Executive Directors/Board Training in New Orleans. Participated in the Democracy South 2000 SORTI, in Miami Beach, Fla., Grant Writing Step by Step 2000.

12. Juanita Williams- African American- state worker- gun safety advocate. Participated in the 1999 LDP Training and Strategic Planning in New Orleans, La. Communities United convention in Gonzales, National Emergency Gathering of Black Advocates of Environmental and Economic Justice in Kenner, La..

13. Beverly James- African American- school employee- housing advocate, small business women

14. Gloria Green- African American- disabled- housing advocate

Our President

The mission of Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. is to educate, promote, encourage and increase citizen involvement in the democratic process through active involvement in the community. We facilitate interaction which will promote and protect the long term interest of the community.

We educate and enhance understanding of the democratic process.

Our President

Shadow Convention 2000. Our president was one of the guest speakers at the social justice convention shadowing the National Republican Convention in Philly.

Social Justice Advocate Stephanie Anthony serves as president.


I am committed to thinking strategically.

________________________ ______________
Signed date

Strategic thinking requires a willingness to consider all alternatives, to share the information needed to develop them, and to commit to following through on a plan of action that best serves the long-term interests of the whole community

-Tatanka Yotanka
(Sitting Bull)