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Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc.
What Would You Do In Case Of A Hazardous Spill

Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc. is doing an indept investigation on what to do and when to do it in case of a Hazardous Spill Emergency

We began the year with  A Pray For Our Air Campaign which still continues.  Interesting turns of events have taken place.  We collected of over 1000 written public comments from citizens and were able to obtain two deadline extentions.  We prayed that all deceit would be uncovered and the results of an audit on the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality revealed it had not collected over $11 million in fines and was behind some 10 years in updating some permits.

By April 2002 we discovered, ExxonMobil was double dipping in the environmental savings bank.  We joined Louisiana Envionmental Action Network and 11 other organizations in calling for an audit of the enviromental banking system.

By spring we found that most people had no idea of what to do in case of a hazardous materials accident and we began to ask basic questions.  We hope to publish our findings in this format.