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Louisiana Democracy Project, Inc.

Welcome to our grassroots site!

Running a grassroots organization is never easy. Since 1998 we have served and educated the people in Louisiana to become actively involved in the democratic process.

About Us


Louisiana Democracy Project evolved out of a philosophy that acknowledges the inherent benefits of a heightened participation by the general public in the democratic process.  We have begun to make solid progress in mobilizing the community.   Although the organization has sometimes struggled to survive in the harsh political environment of Louisiana, we have made concerted efforts to stabilize the organization and engage in ongoing strategic development. 


        Organized workshops on ballot access, right-to-know and campaign finance reform

        Conducted workshops on mini-grant writing

        Held  parent forums on High Stakes Testing of public school students

        Participated in EPA hearings on Title 6



 Stephanie Anthony,  currently serves as LDPs Executive Director, has been very instrumental in the national movement for campaign finance reform.  In a very short time, she has become one of the countrys most respected voices as it relates to the inequitable impact that our current campaign finance system has on African-Americans and other people of color.


 In fact, as a representative of the Louisiana Democracy Project, she has served on the board or collaborated with most of the nations leading advocates for campaign finance reform and has helped organize several major events including;


  • Historically the organization has sent a delegation of youth to participate in the  of Voting Rights History in Selma, Alabama.


  • Our organization strives  to strategize on making legislators accountable and other public servents accountable.


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La. Democracy Project, Inc., 4070 Fairwoods Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802 (225) 357-7425

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Our Mission

We want government to make sense and democracy to reign supream.

Stephanie Anthony- President
Dr. James Mitchell- Vice President
Ora Hutchinson- Secretary Tres.

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