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Room 13 Class of 2001
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All About Shanequa

Shanequa is eleven years old and in the fourth grade. Her hobbies are jump roping and basketball.


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Stepping Up
On March 5,2001 Farris led the Pledge of Allegiants for our whole elementary school. He was great!

Throw Me Something

The Winbourne parade was a blast! They threw beads, candy, and other objects.
That Leap test is coming!
We have to buckle up and get a grip. It might be hard and it might be easy but we have to pass that test because its time to go on to fifth grade and that test is very important. One thing is if we pass we have Ms. Anthony to thank.

Honor Roll
I hope our grades are improving because Honor Roll is coming for this last semester. Do you have a clue wholl make the Honor Roll? I dont have not one clue.

All the people with glasses need to wear them because at age 52 or 48 youll have to wear bifocals.

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