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Student Rights
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About Louisiana Democracy Project

LDP was formed in 1998. Our three most notable accomplishments resulting in fundamental change in the system are in the areas of Voting Rights, Education and Environmental Justice.

In part because of our efforts each parish now offers free photo identifications for the elderly and those who cannot afford them.

We helped parents to organize and learn the requirements of the states High Stakes testing and how to best help their children. Organizing parents have given several victories which have had a positive impact in the African American community.

We stood up against the approval of an air permit for reformulated gas which would allow just one refinerary to release an additional 649 tons of pollution into the air. Originally they fought us tooth and nail and won, later the refinerary and the chamber of commerce requested a repeal of the permit. Today we have acquired a seat on their community dialogue board.

Back in 1998 we were best known for our opposition of the new Louisiana law which required a photo identification card. Following a heated election, a conservative state legislature charged widespread voter fraud in African American precincts throughout the state. Although the investigations proved groundless he slipped through mandatory photo identification legislation in order to vote at the polls. Louisiana Democracy Project forcing debate on the issue. We got out the word on the new requirement. We provided free photo identifications cards to registered voters who did not have the required document and could not afford the $18 state identification card fee. In part because of our relentless efforts, eventually the sheriffs department and other agencies began to offered complimentary photo identification cards for voters who could not afford them.

Louisiana Democracy Project conducts parental empowerment in the outskirts of East Baton Rouge Parish including the small town of Jackson, Clinton, and Zachary , West Baton Rouge Parish and rural Livingston Parish we empowered parents where the Parent Teacher Association no longer function. In many schools throughout the state parents organizations have been turned into mere booster clubs to raise money and be controlled by the system. Louisiana Democracy Project has been effective in helping parents organize to have a voice in areas concerning their children and their tax dollars. Still there is a concerted effort to keep parents locked out and as soon as we make a little progress we loose ground. Parents now need to prepare to learn of and run for local school boards.

We continue to conduct inner city, and rural parent forums on High Stakes Testing of public school students.





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Louisiana Democracy Project Stands Firmly on Issues which impact Students and Young people


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We boldly organize and mentor young people.  Our sister organizations include Community Kids Outreach, Young Important People, Youth In Politics, and Youth In Power.


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We educate elected officials on the true issues which impact young people.



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